Pet Of The Month September

Congratulations to our Winner Beau. It was a close competition, with Coopers likes over taking at one point. However Beau's mummy did a last push and managed to keep the lead. Cooper and Beau made friends in January 2017 in the early stages of Walk Your Dog setting up.

You can see why the competition was so close.

So meet Beau, he was born 29th October 2015, his gotcha date was 20th December 2015. Beau is a Husky x German Shepherd x American Bulldog. He was Steph's present from her husband Gareth. Steph's friend at work showed her a picture of him when he was born and she fell in love..... you can see why!!!

Initially Gareth was saying no to a puppy, but Steph didn't want just anyone, she wanted this one. After a family meal Gareth disappeared with his mum, when he returned 1 and a half hours later, he had this bundle of fluff with a Christmas collar and hat.

Beau loves his cuddles and long walks, but prefers walks which involve water. He is not a graceful swimmer as he loves to splash the water so he can try and catch it (I have seen this first hand, very cute). He is very intelligent and Steph & Gareth take time to teach him new tricks. So far he can sit, down, roll over, spin, paw, back & high 5 (high 10 if very excited). He loves his treats, he use to love a rawhide bone, but now when you give him one he would rather rollover it and jump away.

Beau is one of the original gang of Walk Your Dog Pet Services. He meet Nelson when he was only 15 weeks old in March 2017 and have been friends since, even when the business was just a dream.

Beau is very friendly and such a pleasure to be around. He is always to happy to see myself and Nelson. On one walk with him and his mummy, he wouldn't get in her car, so Steph had to give me a lift to mine! He has no idea that he's not a lap dog and insists on cuddles on top of you. He loves toys but his toy whale is one of his favourites. I hope you all enjoyed getting to know about Beau and some of his pictures.

Congratulations on winning, perhaps mummy can use the voucher towards a birthday walking treat!

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