Pet Of The Month October

Congratulations to our Winner Hugo. It ended up being very close but Hugo won it by 2 votes. I hope you enjoy finding out about the gentle giant called Hugo.

Hugo is a Newfoundland dog, was born 10th March 2016 and he comes from Wales. He is the example how a tragedy can become a joy. Sadly Kirsty & Gavin lost their Shepski at the age of 15, they found there was a large hole in the family’s heart, with big paws to fill they found Hugo (Kirsty and Gavin have always had big dogs but this is their first Giant).

Kirsty made the journey to Wales to view him and brought him home aged 8 weeks, you can see the smile he has put on Kirsty face, the picture was taken a couple of days after he came home. Hugo fit in to the family well, he has 2 dog siblings. Suki, GSD & Jasper, border collie, a cat called Hatty (aka big dog) she rules the roost when it comes to the dogs. At 12 weeks he loved to lay with his human sibling Malakai.

Hugo can be a bit of a dork but being that hasn’t stopped him making lots of friends both human and four legged. 1 of his favourites is his human Nanny .... cause she always has chicken. Hugo knows what the ice cream van is about and it’s always on high alert listening for the chimes to ring.

Kirsty & Gavin use to live on Bodmin Moor but moved to Saltash to be closer to her parents. Kirsty now regularly walks Hugo along the waterfront. Though he loves water and has webbed feet. He only ever goes in up to his knees. He has also cost a small fortune in hose pipes since they’ve had him.

After a lovely walk or at the end of a long day, like ever dog Hugo loves nothing more then to curl up for a nap...... but unlike others this boy loves to sleep in the shower, has since he was a pup. This helps his snoring to echo around the bedroom bouncing of the tiles. All tables are chin height for the boy, so keep you food safe.

Hugo does have a show name which is Roaring Rupert Bear, however he does not do shows. He loves other dogs although small/tiny dogs seem to take exception to him and will bark at him, probably cause to them he is very large.

Newfies continue to grow until they are 2.5 years. His mum weighed 14 stone and currently Hugo weighs in at 11 stone. He’s pretty much as tall as he will get but will continue to bulk up. 11 stone of Hugo who loves to kiss and cuddle everyone.

I hope you have enjoyed getting to know this big little Pup. We certainly have.

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