Pet Of The Month November

Congratulations to our Winner Bear. It ended up being a clear win this month. I hope you enjoy finding out about our baby Bear.

Bear is a German Shepherd, he is 16 months old and recently weighed in at 6 and a half stone. He lives with his mum Carol & dad Brian in Saltash. His registered name is Trelyon Pierran

Carol & Brian had another German Shepherd a couple of weeks before they got Bear. He was called Chase but sadly he wasn’t walking right and a visit to the vet said he had spine problem and had to go back to breeder.

Carol was so gutted to lose Chase that she started looking again. She came across this fluffy puppy from Lostwithiel breeder, Petra Hicks, and knew he had to be in their life. Bear was born 2nd August 2016. Carol & Brian got him at 8 weeks old. The first night they brought him home he wouldn’t come out of the kitchen.

Bear loves to play ball and going for long walks with his dad. He has no idea that he is not a lap dog and at any chance will steal a cuddle. Especially from mummy.... he is a bit of a mummy’s boy. He loves to share a bit of toast with her and enjoys a very spoilt diet of mince, veg & pasta (think I might move in)

Walk your dog pet services have been lucky enough to have bear join the team to aid him and his family with some training from greeting people, controlling his barking, walking off lead & recall. I mean think about this 6 and a half stone of fluffy dog jumping when you come in the home..... well enough said.

We have been working on his manners and thanks to Carole & Brian, who maintain his training at home, Bear has improved, he still has moments, like when he’s too exited but hey he’s doing well for 16months. Even battling against Grandad, who doesn’t always follow the rules and spoils him.

Carole & Brian care so much about Bear they asked to join me on a training session. Wanting to understand my training and to see his progression, they joined me on a walk. Seeing him the way they did made them realise what he is really capable off, enabling them to have great walks together with Bear off the lead.

Bear has had a rough few weeks as he’s been limping. Unsure of what was going on Carol & Brian have had many visits to the vets. The vet believes he has allergies, though not sure off what yet.

Though he has to be off the grass and mud walks for a short period, he still loves his walks with his daddy, myself & Nelson.

We hope you have enjoyed getting to know Bear, as much as we love having in the Team.

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