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Walk Your Dog Pet Services


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Mon-Fri: 6am-Late

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Not only are we Pet Recommended
we have some great qualifications
for your piece of mind...

Canine Business Diploma, Puppy Training, Canine Nutrition, Canine Behaviour & Animal Welfare Diploma 

Canine Business Diploma covers - Plan, Belief, Multiskilling, Marketing Plan, Online Marketing, Social media & Website, Online Business, People & Client Relationships, Business Awareness. See Certificate HERE

Puppy Training covers - Genetic influence, puppy sources, birth to 14 weeks, practical puppy parenting, body language & communication, how puppies learn, good manners and happy walks, training in practice & the growing puppy. See Certificate HERE

Canine Behaviour covers - Canine history, genetics, evolution, breed differences & senses, the dog's brain and early learning, social structure of the dog & emotions, communication, body language & stress, environmental & owner influences, health, diet & hormones, how dogs learn, punishment & discipline, aggression, how to train a dog & changing behaviour. See Certificate HERE

Canine Nutrition Diploma covers - Canine nutrition, digestion & immunity, diet & health, nutritional needs of a dog, vitamins & health, feeding options for dog owners, life stage feeding, obesity, specific health problems & whole dog health, See Certificate HERE

Animal Welfare Diploma covers - Introduction to Pet Ownership and Animal Welfare, Handling & restraining, House requirements, Health plans in Dogs, Cats, Rabbits & Snakes, First aid in domestic animals, Poisoning in domestic animals,  Signs of good health, Signs of ill health & Legislation in the UK.

See Certificate HERE


Pet First Aid

This Qualification covers - The Vet, Emergencies, Car Accidents, Pet Proofing the Home, Checking Pet Health, Checking Pet Teeth, Breathing Problems, CPR and Drowning, Shock and Broken Bones, Spinal Injury, Controlling Bleeding, Paw Problems, Ears Eyes Mouth and Tail, Illness, Poisoning Bites and Stings, Burns, Older Younger and Small Animals, Pets First Aid Kit. See Certificate HERE

The Home of Happy Dogs!

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