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We come Pet Recommended!

See what our owners have to say......


Biggy's Mum Says....

I can’t express what a change we have seen in Biggy since his walks, he literally sits and waits at the door for Vicky to arrive & is much happier to see her than he ever is me! He is so much better behaved and good with recall when he’s on his regular walks. She made sure he doesn’t do more than he should as he’s a Frenchie who can’t handle the heat etc! He loves you and we appreciate you massively ☺️ highly recommended xx

Vinnie and Harrys Mum Says....

Absolutely fantastic service at Walk Your Dog Pet Services. You can see the passion and love Victoria has for dogs the second you meet her. She is s very understanding of my two dogs different needs; never letting my older boy over-exert himself and being extremely patient and loving with my nervous Doberman. I trust her 100% and the boys are always so excited to see her. 


Benny's Mum Says....

What would we do without vicki now benny our youngest dog who for his age is very lively, so I found Vicki (after a bit of stalking)she has made our benny happy he loves going out with her and i think his manners has improved being around different dogs Vicki is helpful kind loving to our dog and very reliable, highly recommended 👌


Winnie's Mum Says....

Victoria was Highly recommended to me by my daughter, who used her for a long time with her dog Roxy until she passed away.
Winnie a bouncy mischievous boxer pup had a bit of puppy training from Victoria which worked wonders. from the day she could interact with other dogs at 16 weeks she was walking and playing with the other dogs as a guest with me on Victoria’s walks. This was amazing to see a pup play and not be afraid whilst getting socialised so young with other dogs.
Winnie is now old enough to go out with Victoria every week on her own and I can only say as a proud mum, to receive videos and photos whilst on the walk is amazing and actually shows me she’s so cared for whilst I’m at work.
The service that Victoria provides is door to door with beautiful off the lead Walks with other dogs playing, which is exactly what a nutty boxer pup needs. I work shifts and Victoria is always very happy to change times and days if needed.
Thank you Victoria for all your time and love towards Winnie she absolutely loves every walk rain or shine. 🐶

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