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House Sitting vs Kennels

So as a dog/cat owner we have at some point all had that conversation..... what are we gonna do about the animals? Mum & dad can't have them, we could travel early hours, wonder if the hotel allows pets? Maybe the neighbour will pop in?

Family wedding to go to, Wanting to get away or work need you to travel. We don't want our four legged friends to be forgotten. So kennels/cattery seem the best options? However deep down you ask yourself what if there was a better option? There is..... use a house sitter.

We have all heard the horror stories for either side and it can be very difficult to make the decision. Below are just some of the pros and cons for both.

Kennels -

Pro's -

1. You don't have anyone you don't know coming into your house.

2.Your dog is being monitoring in a trustworthy location with professionals monitoring your dog. This is their business and they hopefully will know what they are doing.

3. They have staff so more attention and more play.

4. Generally better availability cause it's a larger scale set up.

5. Safe and secure setting

Con's -

1. A kennel doesn't always have convenient drop off or pic up times.

2. Some dogs don't get the play and attention they desire.

3. Your pet will be in a cage

4. Your pet can pick up fleas and illness from other pets.

5. Stressful environment, can cause behaviour changes and lack of interest in food.

So what about Pet Sitting

Pro's -

1. You have your pet in their natural environment

2. Own bed and home so less stress

3. Knowing your home has someone in it, added security

4. Flexible times as no collection or drop involved

5. Quality one to one

Cons -

1. Stranger in your home

2. Cost can be higher

3. Worry they won't follow your instructions

The pros and cons for both are very clear and you would need to do you research into kennels to find the right one for you. If choosing house sitter, you need recommendations and to have a meet and greet to see if you trust the person. Either option can be good but you know your pet and know what is best. I personally had a good experience with a kennel as well as a bad. i didn;t even consider the house sitting side, which now personally i would prefer. If you use a regular walker and they board then you can get the best of both. A home away from home. Just know there are options. I hope you enjoy the pictures below from my house sitting. As a sitter I love seeing the pets in their own home, they are so happy and relaxed, you tend to get a lot of cuddles.

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