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Your Wedding & Your Dog

Congratulations.... Your getting married!!!

So the question has been popped (along with the Fizz to celebrate) and the party has been had, now the planning begins. When, Where, Who, Colours, Style, Large, Small, Formal, Casual, Local, Abroad????? So much to decide, so much to think about and plenty to do. Once you have sorted the big things like date and venue, the rest starts to fall in place.

You find time to go out for a walk with the dog and discuss how the plans are coming along. Whilst you're walking and taking it all in, you hear a familiar sound.. Woof Woof, you look down & your four legged friend is giving you the puppy dog eyes and CLICK........ What do we do with the Dog!!!


Most of the people that you would trust to have your fur baby will be going to the wedding.

Perhaps someone could leave after the service to check on them (yes someone nearly had to do this)..... But Who?

Wouldn't it be nice to have them there, but they may get in the way? They may jump up and ruin someone's outfit?

Ok perhaps we'll just send them to the kennel the night before?

There is no need to panic, or for any of your loved ones to miss out (including your pooch)

Walk Your Dog Pet Services are here for ALL your wedding needs.

Take a look at our video below for some more information

That's right we have you covered. We can simply come to your home and take your dog to wherever you need them to go for the night/ weekend. If they are going to be home for the day until someone comes in the evening, I can pop in and take them for a walk, feed them, have a little cuddle. Maybe you are taking the dog with you but need them taken to the groomer while you get ready.

AND just maybe you are like us and understand Dogs Are Family Too... So you want them there for pictures. Well we can do that as well. We will pick them up for a fun walk to burn some energy, then bring them to your venue. They can be at the ceremony or just join you and your guests for some pictures. All of this is possible.

There will have their own wedding day journey shared on social media #wydps, so after your day you can see the fun they had....

Make your Dog the VIP {Very Important Pet)

they will arrive in their very own vehicle, dressed to impress if you wish....

They will travel to your location and wait patiently for you. While waiting they will have plenty of cuddles, treats and praise for being sooooo good!!

After your service they get to say hello to you and your guest, with plenty of treats but also keeping you clean and tidy. We will help to add your dog to the pictures, posing with the group or with just you, even letting your guest get some selfies!!! #selfie

I have had the pleasure of providing a number of different services and attending some wonderful days. The professional pictures make it so worth the time and effort. Seeing the look on the Wedding Couples face when they see their fur babies. There is nothing better.

Dyson's Mum Said - Jess Happs

Thank you so much for yesterday. It was brilliant having them there for the photos but not having to worry about them while I was getting dressed etc. Thank you!!

Hudson's Mum Said - Holly Jane

You're the best. Thank you so much for everything you do for us.

Truly an unforgettable moment for us, seeing Hudson xxx

Basically we include your Dog on your Special Day, while taking the stress away!


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